SYLVIE REVIENS _ 2024 _ music video
Format: 2k digital, black and white + color, 1:78, stereo

Length: 5min45sec
Language: English
Country of Production: Germany
Production : Yann les Jours, Manu Louis
Direction, editing, production : Yann les Jours
Music : "Sylvie reviens" by Manu Louis
With : Manu Louis


This is an experimental and playful documentation of a live performance by singer/composer Manu Louis.
On screen, various dimensions of Manu performing are colliding to evoke the obsessive state of mind that the song suggests : asking Sylvie to please come back, over and over, as the party goes wilder and wilder.


I wanted to capture the reality of the performance to share the poetic of Manu Louis' songs. It’s hard to find a profile like Manu Louis in music…. Belgium born, now Berlin based, he studied composition with legendary composer Fréderic Rzewski, electronic music on the internet, and dancing during his concerts. A Passionate singer, and knob agitator, he also plays the guitar in his own unique punk jazz way… The way he interprets, on stage, this song is very telling: the only lyrics of the song "Sylvie, please, come back" are being operated from a midi keyboard. The microphone, on its stand, is never used.
This opened to me vast field of playful experiences where what you hear ≠ what you see, in order to create an alternative system of understanding that quickly makes sense.

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