Format: 2k digital, black and white
Year of Producti
on : 2022 (post-production)
2min 57sec
Language: English
Country of Production : France
Production : Annick Gibert - Kotti Films
aphy / direction / editing / sound: Yann les Jours
Valeryia Kim and Yann les Jours
Special thanks:
Khavn, Ji.hlava IDFF


Valeriya was born in Kazakhstan. Her father is Korean and her mother is Russian. She sits on a chair, in the dark, a mirror on wall is hanging behind her. She tells Yann a story of her childhood in Balkhash, while Yann is giving her directions, filming her. What we hear is her story, what we see is her silence. The vibration between time dimensions from both sides of the camera, from both speeches, structured by a the poetical form of the villanelle, is an attempt to catch time as an object.

Director's statement :

Filmed and directed during the 2022 Ji.hlava Academy, "kindergarten" was a desperate and hopeless attempt to fulfill Khavn de la Cruz crazy desire to see one of his students to make a 3min short following the structure of villanelle poetry in less than 24h. It was filmed in 10min in the corridor of the youth hostel of Jihlava with a perfectly imprepared protagonist and a director/DOP/soundenginer who wished he had an extra tripod rather than holding the light in his tired left hand.

Then, from that impossible equation something happened, everybody, every part of the bodies and brains had this "lettting go" state that allowed poetry to appear. The tired left hand became a sun, the imprepared protagonist gave us one of her most precious memories, the youth hostel corridor turned visible a mental landscape that no other set could ever represent...

trailer :