Format: 4k digital, color
Length: 3min43sec
Year of production
Country of production: France
Production : Annick Gibert _ Kotti Films
cinematography /
direction / editing : Yann les Jours
dance : Neda Hadji-Mirzaei, Xavier Perez
voices : Marie Perruchet, Yann les Jours
choreography : Marie Perruchet

Festivals : Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen

RÉPÉTITIONS is a french expression that names the act of repeating something, it's also the word used for rehearsals.
2 dancers, a choreographer and the director play the
ir own role in this short movie showing a team in the act of making. Micro and meta directions given by the choreographer and the director are being appropriated by dancers, making those indications an expression of their own. And, in between the execution of those tasks is emerging a short term system of affects and common energies that paths the way to a deeper mutual field of understandings.

Trailer: https://youtu.be/LPS60If6X68


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