Writer & Director: Yann les Jours
Production: Kotti Films
1 Minute / Experimental Documentary / France 2023
Black and white and colour / ProRes or H.264 / 2k 1:78 / Stereo or 5.1 / language : English / Filmed in Czech Republic

cinematography / direction / editing  / sound: Yann les Jours
with Anette Svane, Kristina Liulchenko and Yann les Jours

it’s night
Anette, Kristina and Yann are lost in a city
Yann is filming a planet that none else can see...
or maybe it's a divinity

Director's note

"Mars" is one of my three short films, with "Kindergarten" (2023) and Sonnet (2024), that explores the poetical rhythmicity as mean for questioning the conventions of cinematic storytelling. As kindergarten was using the villanelle structure, and Sonnet was using the structure of the sonnet, Mars uses the haiku as temporal frame to articulate 3 shots within a 60sec sequence.
In such concentration of sounds and images, the signs respond to one another and build parallel narrative lines that will suggest, in a poetical way, what no words could express when it comes to describe what a single night can contain.

World Premiere at Short Waves festival 2023, Poznań (Poland).