year of production : 2024
Format: 2k 1:78, Black and White
duration: 1min30sec
Language: Czech
Country of production: Germany - France
Production : Kotti Films  - Yann les Jours
DOP, Direction, Sound, Editing, Production : Yann les Jours
with Mara Havránek, the Gauner Boxing  Club

Sonnet is the last film from Yann les Jours' triptych on the use of poetical structure for non-fictional filmmaking. Mara is a boxer from Czech Republic. At the end of her training, as she thought it was over, her coach asks her to do one more very high intensity series of punch. She shows him, and Yann, what she's still capable of. The 90 seconds long shot follows, in its rhythm, the structure of a sonnet.

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Director Statement

Sonnet is my third short film, after kindergarten (2023) and Mars (2023), that explores the poetical rhythmicity as mean for questioning the conventions of cinematic storytelling.
As kindergarten was using the villanelle structure, and Mars used the haiku as temporal frame to articulate 3 shots within a 60sec sequence, the single long shot of Sonnet is based on the rhythmicity of a sonnet. This personal focus of mine on rhythmical structure allows the most human situation to emerge, at the end of this boxe training, when Mara _ already exhausted by the 90minutes of the session _ is being asked to do 2 more rounds of fast punch with all that she has left of energy.