2k digital, colour

Length: 24 minutes
Year of production : 2022 (post production)
Language: French, Greek, English

Country of production: France
Country of filming: Greece
Production: Annick Gibert - Kotti Films

Direction, cinematography and editing: Yann les Jours
Cast : Ignacio Quiñones, Katerina Sarisavidi, O Vasileás, Pater Daniel, Liliana Dakoumi, Clémentine Athanasiadis, Kyría Antonía, Yann les Jours


In the heart of winter, an island in the Cyclades archipelago lives in a slow rhythm, waiting for the next summer, when the population and activities massively increase. From November to May, only 10% of the inhabitants stay there. In that suspended moment, in the silence of winter, the island reveals itself.
Vassilis has lived on this island for more than 50 years. There, people call him « O Vasileás », that can be translated as « the king ». O Vasileás runs a café that gathers the few inhabitants remaining on the island like the wind gathers the stones of the island. At night, Ignacio, Clementine, Liliana, and other people meet there to drink, talk, dance and sing on their favourite local folk songs.
Yann les Jours explores the paths of the island as much as the affects that connect these characters. In such fusion of mineral, animal and human elements, it is hard not to invoke the question of metamorphosis where faces become landscapes and houses become personas.

trailer : https://youtu.be/20vtW7ySZp8