E(oe) _ Europa (on empathy)

E(oe) Live is a film / music duet in which viola player Marie Takahashi improvises live while an ever updated edit of Yann les Jours’ film is screened.

For each performance Yann les Jours will provide a new edit of the film based on an ever growing stock of sequences filmed by the director, processed following the same visual rule : each frame is multiplied by 14, delayed, it’s opacity will be reduced to blend better with the twin frames and sequences are slowed down.Each edit is physically brought by the director, who will operate the screening himself or will assist the projectionist. 

Marie Takahashi will discover the film at the same time as the audience.
Marie Takahashi is the 1st guest of this project and has a special position in the shaping of the project.

Press Kit : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ePU6bNoBIuaC9fTJyXHx54WZwpmXqOUX?usp=sharing 

about the premiere of E(oe) Live at OHM Club, Berlin, on 12 Jan. 2024 :
"Viola player MARIE TAKAHASHI, with a background in both baroque and contemporary music, improvises to a film by YANN LES JOURS, shown for the first time in public. The concept for E(oe) _ Europa (on empathy), a work in progress that takes on different forms at each screening, focuses on the idea of dissociation vs. association, the juxtaposition of people and places, relationships and contexts, which YANN LES JOURS captures and edits to mesmerising effect using a technique akin to slow-motion time-lapse. MARIE TAKAHASHI responds to the images in real-time, with a sound palette ranging from delicate to harsh. As an improvised acoustic audiovisual show, this unique collaboration was a first for Kookoo and for Ohm." in Digital in Berlin https://www.digitalinberlin.de/kookoo-marie-takahashi-yann-les-jours-echo-ho-yuko-kaseki-ohm/ 

Photos of E(oe) premiere at OHM Berlin during the Kookoo evening of 12 Jan 2024  (all photos ©Udo Siegfriedt):