E(oe) _ Europa (on empathy)

E(oe) is a film project started in 2018 produced by Kotti Films and directed by Yann les Jours that echoes the personal and political reflection that the director has experienced in Europe since his arrival in Berlin. An ever-evolving film project that gathers (today) up to 300 minutes of various non fictional cinematic sequences. 

In recent years, Yann has been filming on a daily basis, situations from inside Berlin and outside Germany covering travels, lockdowns, political outbursts, social and intimate moments to portray a certain time in an extended community sharing that continental territory. 

The visual result is an impressionist film collection gathered in various edits of 40minutes, where the personal (therefore political) elements lay behind the contemplative frames. 

By gathering filmic material and reformulating it in a specific visual concept _ each frame is  multiplied by 14 to create a multilayer render of the reality where 350 images per seconds are projected _ E(oe) operates as a non-narrative tale. E(oe) can be displayed in 3 different formats : a 22 minutes short film entitled Fireworks, a cine-concert of improvisation entitled E(oe) Live, a multichannel video installation entitled Pointing.

E(oe) Live is a film / music duet in which a musician guest improvises live while an ever updated edit of Yann les Jours’ film is screened.

For each performance Yann les Jours will provide a new edit of the film based on an ever growing stock of sequences filmed by the director, processed following the same visual rule : each frame is multiplied by 14, delayed, it’s opacity will be reduced to blend better with the twin frames and sequences are slowed down.Each edit is physically brought by the director, who will operate the screening himself or will assist the projectionist. 

Musician guests will discover the film at the same time as the audience.
Marie Takahashi is the 1st guest of this project and has a special position in the shaping of the project.